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We are an ordinary family.

We are an ordinary family who had a collective and daring dream.

We followed through and we made that dream come true.

That’s what makes the story extraordinary.

Anyone can dream. Anyone can turn their dreams into reality. It doesn’t take super strength, super skills, or super powers of any kind. Just because something is improbable, doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Remember, we are an ordinary family.

But together, we climbed the highest mountain on each of the seven continents of the world.

The memories still make us smile, even while we shake our heads in amazement. It sure gives us something to talk about at the dinner table.

Public presentations
We’ve been asked repeatedly to share our motivational story and stunning visuals with groups of all sizes and interests. You don’t have to have an interest in families or mountains to be fascinated and inspired by this remarkable trek.

We use our speaking engagements to highlight how goal setting, teamwork and pushing beyond perceived limitations can help audience members achieve their dreams.

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Have you ever watched Discovery Channel™ and been swept away by the majesty of what you see? It’s awesome in the true meaning of the word.

Imagine that calibre of imagery and storytelling, LIVE right in your living room. Our motivational presentations feel like an intimate slide show with friends, except they are in a room with a hundred or more people. The stories are real and touch the audience in a personal way. Attendees leave the presentation energized with feelings of overwhelming inspiration.

Corporate and Small Business

This is the perfect key-note presentation to kick-off celebrations, launches, campaigns and conferences. Corporate audiences enjoy all the same photographs and video elements of the motivational presentation, but gain professional development insight from a more business-focused approach. Themes of teamwork, planning, risk management, and overcoming obstacles are woven throughout the session for an additional entertainment-meets-education value. Custom themes can also be integrated into this presentation to ensure a perfect fit for your organization.


The Mallorys climbed as a family – and they offer presentations as a family. Siblings and young adults Laura and Alan both offer presentations specifically designed to inspire teens and other young men and women to reach beyond their limits and reach their full potential. These talks are funny, serious, moving and aimed directly at reaching the students and motivating them towards success. The goal is to leave each audience member with the thought: “If these young people can reach the top of the world – so can I!”

To book Dan, Laura, Alan or the full family for your next event, call (705) 735-3039 or e-mail Team Mallory at info@malloryexpedition.com or alan@malloryexpedition.com.

Groups that we have presented to:

AMEC Engineering
Barrick Gold
Barrie, Huronia & Washago Rotary Clubs
Fanshawe College
Hatch Engineering
High schools
Money Concepts
Minesing Good Time Club
Ontario Insurance Adjusters’ Association
Orillia Elementary School Teachers
Rotary District Conference
Simcoe County District School Board Principals’ Symposium
Wilderness Canoe Association
Woods Park Care Centre