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Elevation 5,642 metres (18,510 ft)
Location Russia
Range Caucasus
Coordinates 43°21'18"N 42°26'21"E
First ascent 1874 by Gardner, Grove, Walker, Knubel, and Akhia Sottaiev
Our route Baksan Valley

On June 18, 2006 Laura Mallory age 18 and Dan Mallory age 55 departed Canada for Moscow, Russia and ultimately to Mineral’nye Vody, Russia and into the Baksan Valley the base of the climb to the top of the west summit of Mt. Elbrus at 18,510 feet (5642 meters), the highest mountain in Europe located in the Caucasus mountains of South West Russia.

Mt. Elbrus

Although on first glance, the mountain appears to be an oversized ski hill, the month before our arrival, 12 people died on the mountain and the week before they were still looking for some members of the party. Many have perished by being over confident and/or unprepared for the challenges of Mt. Elbrus.Mt. Elbrus camp

We made four acclimatization climbs and each time around 14,000 feet the air was buzzing with electricity from the incoming storms which would cause your hair to stand on end and some very frightening moments.

On June 27, 2006, we awoke at 2:30 am for our summit attempt. After starting the climb in a snow storm, the weather cleared as we ascended the mountain to produce a perfectly clear day on our arrival at the top at 10:45 am. The pinnacle of rock at the summit allows for a magnificent 360 degree panorama of the surrounding mountains and valleys. We drank in the moment at the top and prepared our descent with great satisfaction.

Mt. Elbrus summit